• We work with you to develop a customized, step-by-step transition plan based on your needs. The onsite consultation along with room by room walk-through will determine the scope of services, and the timeline to accomplish these tasks.

  • We help you assess the new floor plan, take measurements of furniture, and help you determine how and where your things will fit.

  • We'll coordinate storage, moving, and shipping services.



  • We work with you to sort through all belongings, with you deciding which possessions to keep (bring with you to new home), gift to family, sell, donate, recycle, or dispose. 

  • We'll take photos for inventory purposes, and of items for disbursement.  We can provide a full or partial Home Inventory using FairSplit software.

  • We coordinate all tasks for disbursement of items to family, friends, selling sites, estate sales, and donation sites. If interested, we provide the option to use 'FairSplit' website for bidding and tracking.  


  • We carefully pack your furnishings and household items room by room.

  • Inventory and track all packed items to ensure all items are delivered and placed according to floor plans.

  • We will provide moving day supervision, so that all your items are removed and the residence is ready for cleaning and staging as required.

  • We will unpack and set up your new residence so that the beds are made, the kitchen, closets and bathrooms are organized, and your utilities are working.