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Ginny B., East Montpelier

“I had the pleasure of working with Lighter Moves recently, and Tammy and Carolyn are amazing. They are efficient, knowledgeable, supportive, and caring…helping me move through 30+years of accumulation …supporting my values of responsible disposal; sharing knowledge of resources; counseling me through the process of grief and loss; introducing me to the joy of lightening my load; and more.  With their help I emptied the house, got it on the market - and sold it! The work of letting go and sorting through is tough. I needed help. They helped!”

Georgia V., Montpelier

"Heartily Recommend Lighter Moves!! Carolyn and Tammy helped me face up to, and accomplish my recent move from my ‘big house’ of 18 years to a new ‘cottage’ - successfully! Throughout the process they were tactful and considerate of my needs but also mindful of the job to be done. They laid it all out in orderly terms - here’s what needs to be done and here’s the time frame in which we need to do it…Their good packing saved a considerable sum on the actual moving bill… From the big picture to the smallest details, they made it work, and I am so grateful!!"

John N., Montpelier

"When I was struggling with how to begin clearing out nearly 40 years of accumulation in my house, I contacted Carolyn and Tammy for help and I could not be happier with the result.  They counseled me on how to sort through my possessions, decide what to keep and how to dispose of, set aside, or sell items I no longer needed.  I now have a complete inventory of everything in my house, and I no longer feel burdened with questions about what to do with “all this stuff.”  I had a great experience working with Tammy and Carolyn, and I recommend them without reservation."

Brenda V., Middlesex

"I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed the work ethic and enthusiasm displayed by Carolyn and Tammy for my large downsizing and moving adventure.  I could have never made a timely, orderly, move without them.  I developed my own enthusiasm in having things sorted and prepared for their next visit.  They used their many sources to place the items I was not going to move in mindful venues that would reuse them.  No dumpster involved in this move!  Their coordination of my actual move and set up that day as well as preparing the house for inspection was impressive, made it easy for me.  Highly recommended!"

Carol D., East Montpelier

"When I sent photos of my horribly cluttered basement, expecting Tammy and Carolyn of Lighter Moves, LLC to be scared away, they said "Not an issue, this is what we do."; When we started each clean out session they said "Let's talk about this to get on the same page.'; When I was starting to feel overwhelmed they said " take a drink of water and take a break."; When items were placed in the free pile by the road they took photos and took control and said 'We'll post this on Front Porch Forum and give it a few days."  When I wanted to do things myself, like taking the scrap metal in for money, they said "Sure, we'll take it off the list and focus on other things."; and, lastly, when I had to leave before the work was complete, they said "We'll come back and load the dump trailer and take care of what is left in the free pile".  They took a photo of how they left it, too.  Both were marvelous and knew how to work fast and be efficient.  It was so rewarding to see the basement open up so quickly at a rate 50 times faster than I could have done it myself.  Don't hesitate to call them if you have a clean out project - they are well worth it."

Barbara E., East Randolph

"Lighter Moves provided an unexpected burst of help for what would have been an impossible very quick clean-out. Carolyn and Tammy are fun to be with, have good suggestions, listened to my needs and put up with my quirks. They are hard workers and knew when to back off and let me do my own thing. I would highly recommend Lighter Moves to relieve some of the stresses of moves, and to share some of the highs and lows. "

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