Ginny B., East Montpelier

“I had the pleasure of working with Lighter Moves recently, and Tammy and Carolyn are amazing. They are efficient, knowledgeable, supportive, and caring…helping me move through 30+years of accumulation …supporting my values of responsible disposal; sharing knowledge of resources; counseling me through the process of grief and loss; introducing me to the joy of lightening my load; and more.  With their help I emptied the house, got it on the market - and sold it! The work of letting go and sorting through is tough. I needed help. They helped!”

Georgia V., Montpelier

"Heartily Recommend Lighter Moves!! Carolyn and Tammy helped me face up to, and accomplish my recent move from my ‘big house’ of 18 years to a new ‘cottage’ - successfully! Throughout the process they were tactful and considerate of my needs but also mindful of the job to be done. They laid it all out in orderly terms - here’s what needs to be done and here’s the time frame in which we need to do it…Their good packing saved a considerable sum on the actual moving bill… From the big picture to the smallest details, they made it work, and I am so grateful!!"

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